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6-30Desk is the perfect desktopCNC which fits any office, lab, and classroom space. It provides a low-cost alternative for product developers, hobbyists, designers and students.Its good accuracy and mechanical stability gives you very smooth perfection. 6-30Desk although has a compact body, but equipped a more powerful spindle and 3-axis separate stepper drives, USB communication function and touch screen operating system is very easy to operate.

Max. working stroke: (X)300×(Y)300×(Z)70mm
Acceptable material thickness: ≤75mm
Frame Material: 4040 & 2040-T5 extruded aluminum alloy
Rail type: V-Slot and Precession bearing
Screw Type: Lead screw 10mm, pitch 4mm
Mechanical Resolution: XYZ-axis : 0.0030mm/step
Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Spindle Motor: DC spindle,400W
Revolution Speed: 5000-12000rpm/min
Collet type : ER11(equipped with 3.175mm collet)
X/Y/Z Stepper Motor : Stepper Motor 57BYGH41-1.8A
X/Y/Z/A Stepper Drives: A4988
Feed rate : 300-5000mm/min
Country/Region of Manufacture: Bangladesh
Computer: Laptop or Desktop
Communication: USB2.0 (doesn’t support USB3.0)
Operation System: Win200XP, Win7 (64/32bit)
Control Software: MACH3, Grbl Controller etc.

Equipment dimensions: L450*W490*H400mm
Control Box: 1pcs
CNC 6-30 Desk Router: 1pcs
Accessories box: 1pcs
USB Cable: 1pcs
Power Cable: 1pcs


Support Material Type:
6-30Deskapplicable to processing bamboo, wood, MDF, all kinds of plastic (such as PLA, ABS, nylon, PVC, POM, rubber, etc.), advertising material (such as acrylic, color plates, aluminum plates, Chevron board), Bakelite plate, fiberglass plate, carbon fiber plate, it's can also be used to cutting the aluminum plates and copper plates(thickness <3mm), and to engraving graphics on surface.

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