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Laser cutting and engraving is a technique based on thermal material removal. Mostly used on (but not limited to) flat materials, its advantages are working on complex two-dimensional shapes with a very high precision without touching the material at all. It focused on the ease of use, our CNC Laser works with standard file formats. Simply create your design using your favorite application - or alternatively choose one from our integrated library. Photos or bitmap graphics are suitable for engraving purposes. Cutting out shapes requires vector graphics files. Openly documented SVG format, which can be exported from Illustrator, Corel, Inkscape and many other software would you loved to work with.

Mobile gantry mechanical structure, easy to operate.
All-metal body, durable, high precision.
Processing range: 300mm * 300mm, height unrestricted.
Laser power: 5.5w.
Super power – it can cut 3.5MM linden wood.
Engraves Only (Nonmetal) -wood, fabric, rubber, leather, paper, cardboard, sandpaper, bamboo etc.
Warranty: 12 months on parts that fail under proper use.
Machine dimensions: 46cm * 48cm * 11cm.
Weight: 5KG.
Gray scale printing function.
Can cut wood in 4mm (repeat cutting about 3 times)
Adjustable laser power.
Adjustable burn time.
Low-light positionnction.
Support Windows xp/7/8.1 and more operation systems (some XP computers cannot use the software.
Correctly, we recommend to use it with Windows 7/8.1) can work with Gcode or image engrave.
1. Safety glasses.
2. The laser machine.
3. USB cable.
4. Power cable 100v-240v plug.
5. Sample Wood for engraving.
6. Software & Manual.
The difference between our 2.8w and 5.5w laser machines is the laser tube; 5.5w laser is more powerful and will cut wood more easily.


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