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Worlds one of the best customized and remotely controlled by mobile devices, camera slider “SliderBot” is beast in its nature with its premium quality hardware and precisely controlled functionality optimized specially to capture time lapse video for video enthusiasts and media professionals.


Length: 48”
Travel: 42”
Weight: 2.9 Kg
Load capacity: 6 Kg
Motorized: Yes
Drag Control: Yes
Camera mount: Yes (Universal)
Battery Pack: Yes(12v)
Supported OS: Android, iOS and windows phone compatibility
Remote control: Yes (Bluetooth with mobile apps)
Warranty and maintenance : 1 year
Body: High quality aluminum
Movement: Motion for precise movement, smooth and versatile tracking
Supports camera: All camera
Setup Procurement: Takes very short time to prepare

(1) SliderBot

(1) 110V/220V AC Power Cable

(1) User Manual

(1) 2.5mm Hex Key
(1) 3.5mm Hex Key
(4) 3x20mm Hex Bolt

(4) 3mm Nut
(8) 4x30mm Hex Bolt

(8) 4mm nut
(8) 3mm SS washer

(16) 4mm SS washer

(1) 50ml Machine Lubricant

(2) Cleaner Fabric

(1) Mobile Application (not included in Box, provided from products retail store or AppStore)

1 year with service and maintenance


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