Research and Development

We do research on various embedded systems, Firmware Development, Software development resulting in industry level embedded systems to ease your professional life with the help of automation and let you utilize your precious time properly without missing anything that is important to you and ensure user satisfaction through the process.


Our research and development subjects are not limited to aforementioned topics. We also engage our capability to play and sharpen our knowledge of computer numerical control (CNC) technologies, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), 3D Printing Technologies & Rapid Prototyping.


2D and 3D router for Lathe and Wood-working, Product Prototyping and product related technology development, up to 6 Axis movement Robotic arm for industrial production and inspection line Robot which are also a huge part of our research and development that ensures our best performance while product development and assures highest level of user comfort and satisfaction.

Interfacing electronics devices and components, electromechanical devices, sensor technologies, motion platform,computer circuit board with central processing unit aerodynamics, fluid dynamics.


Laser engraving and engraver manufacturing and stress test our ability to work beyond our limits to enrich our understanding of the things that we have under our disposal to fulfill your requirement and evolve as a tool of our trade to ensure your gratification while experiencing our line of products.